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    A dedicated team of premier Oncologists of Kolkata is available here that
    ensures best of treatment for you at all time. A support stuff consisting of
    paramedics, counsellors and office assistants are working around the clock
    to make lives better for patients.
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    A team of experts equipped with advanced technology ensures a best-in-class
    management of cancer. From ostomy surgeries for construction of abdominal stoma
    to Palliative and hospice care, patients can benefit out of a unique combination of
    advanced technology and compassion that Bengal Oncology offers in abundance.
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    We believe in identifying the actual issue and addressing it head on to ensure a better quality
    of life for our patients. We employ impairment-specific cancer rehabilitation program that
    includes physical and occupational therapies, pathology, psychology and other parameters
    that help restore a patient’s impaired/lost function.


We not only provide comprehensive care for cancer but also share valuable knowledge about cancer so that you can make informed and logical decisions about how to fight and overcome the disease.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday
    10AM to 8PM
  • Saturday
    10AM to 5PM
  • Sunday


Managing the severity of symptoms and the side effects of cancer treatment is key to keep a patient in a positive frame of mind, which, in turn, positively impacts the efficacy of treatment, quality of life and survival.

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Our Faculty

Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Surgical Oncologist

Prof. Subir Ganguly, Clinical Oncologist

Dr. P N Mohapatra, Medical Oncologist

Dr. Swarnabindu Banerjee, Medical Oncologist

Dr. Amitabh Ray, Clinical Oncologist

Dr. Somnath Sorcer, Clinical Oncologist

Dr. Sundar Das, Physician

Mr Kasturi Mukherjee, Consultation for caunselling

Dr. Tanmoy Kr. Mandal, MD, DM, MRCP, DNB(Medical Oncology)

Dr. Sayan Paul, MD, DNB, MNAMS, PDCR(Radiation Oncology)


Prof. Pradip Mitra

Amol Ghosh

Badsha Maitra

Mary Aan Dasgupta

Sanjay Sikdar

Manisha Adak

Make an appointment

Making appointments with our doctors is easy. Email us at bengaloncology@gmail.com or call any of our landline or cell phone no.s written at the bottom right hand corner of this page and our front office executives will help you get an appointment depending on the availability of the consultant you want to visit.


About Bengal Oncology

Bengal Oncology Foundation, a team of consultant Oncologists in the city, is an organization aiming to provide complete knowledge about the disease, its causes and preventive measures.

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