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Cancer is no longer the unknown, frightening enemy to be helplessly succumbed to. Cancer has an answer now. 80% of all known types of cancer is completely curable if detected at an early stage. With little changes in our lifestyle, we can remarkably reduce the chance of getting affected by the disease thus giving a new hope to our lives by gaining more knowledge about the disease, its causes and the preventive measures.

In Eastern India today, it is one of the leading centers for cancer diagnosis, counselling and treatment. Like the institute itself, this website Bengal Oncology Foundation tries to provide comprehensive knowledge and proper counseling on cancer so that we get the courage to fight against the deadly disease.

Our Mission

- Provide our patients with the best and unbiased opinion regarding treatment protocols and cost

- Associate with the best and cost-effective corporate hospitals to provide optimal care

- Provide the best available oncologists in the city for consultation and second opinion

Core Members

Name Position Email
Mr. Satyam Roychowdhury Working President bengaloncology@gmail.com
Prof. Subir Ganguly Senior Vice President gsubir@vsnl.net
Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay Secretary dr_gautam@vsnl.net
Dr. Sanjay De Bakshi Vice President scmdbakshi@hotmail.com
Dr. Somnath Sorcer Secretary somnathsorcer@yahoo.co.uk

why choose Bengal Oncology

We have taken a vow to spread awareness about cancer, its probable causes, the importance of early diagnosis through awareness campaigns. Our vision is to become the first-of-its-kind organisation that is ready to hold hands of its patients and walk alongside on their road to recovery. Bengal Oncology also works closely with several NGOs,associations and the State Govt in order to find ways to manage patients end-to-end by offering high-quality care and address the cancer care burden in the state of West Bengal. Bengal Oncology Foundation offers a holistic approach to the management of Cancer. Here, you get opportunities to consult with premier Oncologists of the city of Kolkata who not only offer you the best of advice but also ensures you get the best of multimodal medical care available in the city of Kolkata.
Tumour along with nearby tissues is removed during surgery. Also, they perform certain specific types of biopsies for diagnoses of certain types of cancer.
Consultants attached to premier medical institutes treating cancer using radiation therapy
Advanced care using chemotherapy and/or other medications such as targeted therapy / immunotherapy

Benefits from Bengal Oncology

Premier Oncologists

Bengal Oncology offers a unique and rare collection of city’s top Oncologists under one roof. You can get appointments with top-tier Consultant Surgical Oncologist of Kolkata, the numero uno Medical Oncologist and the most sought-after consultant Radiotherapists of the city. Bengal Oncology not only preaches but also adopts a multimodality approach towards cancer management

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Comprehensive Cancer Management

Bengal Oncology is a cancer centre that aims at offering comprehensive cancer management to its patients. Armed with expert advice and guidance from premier Surgical, Medical and Radiation Oncologists, Bengal Oncology is successful in combining three modalities into a single, harmonized system to manage the patient’s complete oncology treatment, from scheduling through delivery and follow-up.

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Palliative & Hospice Care

In cancer, both the disease and the treatment can cause pain and side effects. We, at Bengal Oncology, understand the importance of an improved quality of life by helping patients manage their pains and symptoms while allowing them to follow their treatment protocols. Our trained professionals effectively guide patients and offer them support throughout their journey so they can have a better quality of life.

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